3D Microblading is the hottest trend in semi-permanent eyebrow makeup today. If you don’t know anything about 3D Microblading don’t read this first! Check out our blog “The Hottest Trend in Eyebrows – 3D Microblading”. Believe me when I say, this is definitely something you want to do! However, you need to do your homework or at least let me help you do your homework.

Here is the problem and it is a big problem. Not everyone, in fact very few people, are truly qualified to cut into your precious face. There are absolutely zero regulations on microblading. Some “eyebrow artists” are literally taking a 2 hour YouTube video course, hanging out their microblading shingle with a blade in hand! If you are ready to lie down and let someone carve into your face there are a few things you should know.

One of the most important factors is the artist’s ability to design the intended shape of your brow.  A true eyebrow artist will design a shape based on your face shape, eye placement and existing eyebrow outline. I was talking to my eyebrow master, Perfection by Penny, while I was having my eyebrows done and she said it really isn’t about having two identical eyebrows. My first thought was – huh?  As she explained it, it is about designing two eyebrows that match each other (not perfectly necessarily) and match the symmetry of your face. Now I get it!  Unless you are a super model, your face is most likely not symmetrical at all. It takes a true artist to design two separate eyebrows for an asymmetrical face that match perfectly. If someone pulls out a plastic stencil – RUN! If an “artist” doesn’t even take the time to design your brows and give you a chance to approve your look before starting the process – RUN FAST!

Microblading technique is another truly concerning issue with this rapidly growing market. Remember when I said some people are literally taking a 2 hour YouTube course? That is not a joke. If not YouTube, a lot of would-be microblading artists attend a weekend “certification” class where hands-on training involves one poor subject and 25+ students.  I would guess that each student may get the chance to try and create 2- 3 hairs over the weekend training class. Technique takes time and experience to perfect realistic results. A true 3D Microblading artist must have certification and have completed 6 months of apprenticeship at the minimum. Do your homework! Ask questions.

Last, but certainly not least, talk to your microblading artist about the materials they use. All microblading pigments should be plant-based with zero metals. Traditional tattoo inks have dangerous metals in them such as iron oxide, cobalt and mercury! Not only can these metals scar your face they change color leaving your eyebrows looking a strange green, blue or pinkish color. True microblading pigment will not change color.  This brings me to the next point.  Blending and color matching takes EXPERIENCE. Although, microblading pigment will not change color, if the “artist” mixes the wrong color to begin with – you are stuck.

3D Microblading is truly revolutionary and I love it. What I don’t love is the number of people with less than one year of experience calling themselves instructors. I don’t love the thousands of people taking classes from unqualified instructors and with little experience calling themselves “microblading artists”. Pay for the experience. Do your homework on your 3D Microblading artist and Be Radiant!