WAIT!  Do not click on that GROUPON Botox button or any bargain Botox offering before you read this.

Botox and other injectables aren’t cheap.  If you see bargain Botox offered at 75% off there is something very, very wrong.  Don’t be fooled.  Someone offering a deep discount must also pay a percentage of the sale to Groupon (or Living Social).  In this scenario it is highly unlikely they can make a profit.  Think about it.  Why would anyone sell Botox and not make a dime?

Ah ha! They are making money at your expense. Some of these providers dilute the product (in this case Botox but it could be other injectables) to cut costs.  You may be paying 25% of the average cost but, in reality you may only be receiving 25% of the product.  You know the old saying “when it seems too good to be true…”.

Now here comes the scary part.  Groupon requires injectors to submit a form signed by Allergan (the maker of Botox) affirming they have a valid account with the company and are purchasing the product from them. Professionals also must provide evidence demonstrating they are certified to administer the procedure.  That sounds good – right?

I am not here to knock Groupon’s screening process.  They are trying.  There are many injectors who have a valid account with Allergan and are certified injectors.  However, just because they have provided the correct paperwork to Groupon, does not guarantee they are using Botox on your face.  What???

I had this happen to me – so I know first-hand. You know who you are!  An injector may acquire product from a cheaper source overseas (such as China in my case) or from a ‘grey market’.  The potential for inferior and/or harmful products is great.  For me, I didn’t find out until long afterwards that I had been injected with something from China.  I am grateful nothing happened, but it still haunts me!

You want a deal on Botox? This is what I suggest. Don’t go cheap.  Find a credible medspa and get to know your injector well.  Ask to see the actual product they are injecting.  Believe me they will be happy to show you and answer all of your questions.  Check to for membership pricing and/or take advantage of any Botox specials they may offer.