I know most women prefer to keep their beauty secrets a “secret”.  Not me!! I want to shout over a loudspeaker when I find something incredible like this double chin procedure.  Here comes my disclaimer: if you have a needle phobia, you may not want to read past this sentence!  For the rest of you, here goes…

What’s a double chin? According to the dictionary, it’s “a roll of fatty flesh below a person’s chin.” According to many women (past a certain age), it’s something that starts as a nuisance, and worsens until you find yourself wearing too many scarves and/or turtlenecks. And, believe me when I say material of any kind near or around your neck is not good when you are having a hot flash (different subject). The cause for that extra bit of fatty flesh can vary, from lifestyle to simple genetics. By the time you are an adult, you have a permanent amount of fat cells stored under your jawline and upper neck. You cannot diet, exercise or topically change a double chin, and until recently, only plastic surgery and lasers could do anything to minimize the natural aging process of this area of the body.

In 2015, something revolutionary stepped into the anti-aging scene! Kybella is the new FDA approved treatment to reduce stored fat under the chin.  It’s the biggest thing to hit the beauty industry since Botox.  It’s an injectable, which means needles, and although no one loves needles it is a lot better than liposuction!  Kybella literally dissolves the fat under your jawline.  Awesome! Seeing the before & after photos of Kybella really shocked me. Hearing about the minimized risks, side effects, and downtime associated with it – I was sold.

Yes! I tried it.  Although, I am open to talking about it, I am not ready to share pictures.  A girl has to have some secrets.  I decided to try it because age and genetics have blessed me with a “somewhat” double chin that bugs me! And honestly, I like to try new procedures so I can relate to my clients. What was it like?  I had 19 injections (a typical number of injections for Kybella).  It hurt a little bit and there was a burning sensation that goes along with the treatment.  Remember – I am a seasoned injectee.  I am not squeamish at the site of needles and I do not freak out with a little pinch of the skin.  I was swollen after the treatment and needed an ice pack (same as any other injectable).  I was still pretty swollen the day after, but little-by-little the swelling subsided and in a week I felt like myself again!

Can I see the difference?

Oh YEAH!  I am motivated to do my follow-on treatments (typically Allergan, the makers of Kybella, recommend 2 -4 treatments for the best results).  I love the fact that this is a permanent solution.  You only have a finite number of fat cells under your chin and once they are gone – they are gone for good!  This is a WINNER.

Right now Allergan is offering $100 off the first treatment of Kybella and $100 of Brilliant Distinctions points that can be used towards your second treatment.  If you want to talk more about Kybella treatments please schedule a free consultation.  I say, if you have a double chin or the beginnings of a double chin get in here fast.  The Allergan savings are only good for a short time.