Downtime!  That is the second most important concern for those choosing the right medspa treatment (what results can I expect is always first!).  Exacting downtime is tricky.  Everyone is different and reacts differently to treatments.  I have one client who bruises if I even look at her. I know you want to look your best this holiday season and it the time to get started. So – what about downtime?  The following are my best estimates for downtime and your holiday beauty countdown.  Some of you will do better, but even my “big bruisers” will be ok if they following these estimates.

  • Botox or Dysport:  No holiday beauty countdown would be complete without Botox or Dysport. If case you don’t already know Botox and Dyport are injectables that work to block muscular movement and reduce the signs of wrinkles.  You will not see results immediately.  I would say after 48 hours you will see the biggest difference.  However, the full effect of the treatment can take 10-14 days.  There is minimal risk for bruising, but there are no guarantees! Big bruisers you should expect to have at least one small bruise.  To be on the safe side, plan Botox or Dysport treatments 2 weeks prior to the holidays.
  • Dermal Fillers:  Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are your instant gratification treatment! You can expect to see immediate results when using dermal fillers to plump the cheeks, lips and/or fill in wrinkles.  There is, however, a risk of localized bruising and swelling (even baby bruisers – take note).  Always plan for dermal fillers 2 weeks prior to your event or holiday party.  If you are planning to do Botox or Dysport I would suggest doing both on the same day.
  • Chemical Peels: I love a good chemical peel before any event.  Chemical peels come in various strengths and do a variety of things for your skin.  Make sure to consult with your esthetician before deciding what peel is best for you.  Chemical peels can have a mild flaking/peeling effect for 3 – 5 days depending on the strength.  Your skin may be pink and a little sensitive during that time.  Afterwards your skin will be party ready, smoother and glowing.  Schedule your chemical peel 1 week prior to your party drop-dead date.
  • IPL Photofacial: Are you finding that you have dark spots after spending your summer in the sun?  It is time for Photofacial.  Can it be done before the holidays?  You bet!  Photofacial has a tendency to darken already dark areas (in other words it gets a little worse before it gets better).  Don’t worry it won’t last long.  Within two weeks these treated areas will literally flake off.  Some people will experience localized swelling for 24 hours.   With the first treatment you will notice a significant difference.  I recommend a series of treatments for the best results.  Schedule your first treatment 2 weeks prior to your holiday parties.  If you can fit another one in before the New Year you will be sitting pretty!

Lastly, don’t forget  a trip to the makeup counter for a new lipstick or smoky eye.  To look and feel radiant you need to stay healthy: get your flu shot, drink plenty of water and get rested for the busy days ahead.  Always remember you are beautiful and confidence will make you shine!