The RevitaPen works on the same principle as micro-needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy). By creating micro-channels into the skin to deliver product ingredients like micro-needling, RevitaPen enhances product absorption and stimulates the skin’s regenerative processes. However, unlike micro-needling the RevitaPen does not contain any needles. It is considered the “no-needle alternative to micro-needling”.

Micro-needling is fantastic for treating lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and the appearance of acne scarring. However, it’s not a treatment for everyone. Someone people don’t like the idea of “needling”. And, because micro-needling induces the inflammatory cascade it is generally given as a short-term course of 3-6 treatments to address particular skin goals.

The RevitaPen does not induce inflammation. The channels created by the RevitaPen are nano-size (smaller than micro), penetrating the upper-epidermis only. The nano-channels are just large to improve delivery of the encapsulated ingredients of the Osmosis Facial Infusion and thereby improve results. Also, the lack of inflammation means there is no limit to the numbers of treatments you can have.

How it Works

Using single-use surgical-grade anti-bacterial stainless steel tips, with 100 nano-sized circular-shaped pyramids with a height of only 0.015mm. These nano-sized spheres create channels into the skin to deliver the active ingredients without inflammation or epidermal trauma.

The RevitaPen has 6-speeds with adjustable depth so the treatment can be tailored depending on the skin type and sensitivity.

The additional benefits of including the RevitaPen include gentle exfoliation, increased hydration, softening lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and increased circulation.

Who Is It For

The RevitaPen is suitable for all skin types and concerns. It is completely customizable using a variety of serums, powder blends and active ingredients, depending on your skin’s particular needs. It can also be used together with the Osmosis Facial Infusion. It is a Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A) based treatment.

RevitaPen may not be suitable for for anyone with the following;

  • Scleroderma
  • Nursing or pregnant women
  • Undiagnosed lesions, rashes or skin infections
  • Recent herpes outbreaks
  • Severe cases of Rosacea
  • Diabetes or other Auto-immune system disorders
  • Undergoing cancer treatment

Osmosis Facial Infusion

The Osmosis Facial Infusion is a non-acid vitamin A peel, and a dermal infusion treatment for all skin types and conditions. This non-inflammatory Facial Infusion treatment works with the skin to stimulate collagen production and cellular turnover. Using a concentrated vitamin infusion to nourish, heal and treat the skin without wounding or aggressive exfoliation.

Complete rejuvenation through skin remodeling, increased circulation, boosts immunity and hydration without the inflammation. High-dose active ingredients travel deep into the skin through liposomal delivery. An infusion of innovative ingredients will create a healthy glow while addressing any troubled areas.

The treatment is completely customizable based on your specific skin type and concerns. Using a combination of powder active ingredients which are custom blended with the Osmosis Facial Infusion to boost the effects.

The Revitapen + Osmosis Before and After

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